Senior Testimonials

“It was great! I enjoyed it (senior portraits) much more than I thought I would, and the pictures came out great!”
- Colin G. [ Eagle High ]

“They are really personable and they make the senior photo process really smooth.”
- James M. [ Bishop Kelly ]

“My senior portrait session was very fun and relaxing. I LOVED the poses.”
- Jesse M. [ Eagle High ]

“We knew how talented the photographers are, and how hard they work to make your senior portrait experience the best.”
- Kathleen P. [ Eagle High ]

“I normally don’t enjoy having pictures taken, but this was a fun experience!”
- Hallie K. [ Eagle High ]

“I didn’t feel rushed or pressured; the whole senior portrait experience was positive and upbeat.”
- Nichole J. [ Eagle High ]

“I would tell next year’s seniors that they’re lucky they get to go there, and that they are in good hands.”
- Jordan K. [ Eagle High ]

“My senior photo session was very relaxed. It was easy to take the pictures.”
- Mariah G. [ Eagle High ]